Data Splitter

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The DS3, DS5 and DS8 (DS) are 8 Way Universal Buffer/Splitters for DC and DMX (Digital MultipleX) making them suitable for RS232,DMX512 and RS485 protocols. An input THRU socket for connection to other devices or further DataSplitters is provided.

All 3 and 5 pin XLR inputs and outputs are protected against accidental application of mains voltages and static.
All outputs are fully buffered, which means a fault on any output line will not affect the other outputs.

The DataSplitters may be powered by a mains connection of between 100 and 230Vac.
Alternatively, the 
DS5/8 may be powered by a Low Voltage Supply of +12...25Vdc to pin 5 of any of the 5 pin XLRs except IN.

The input and outputs have LED indicators, enabling the user to check the status of the input and all outputs.

The DataSplitters have been designed with two front panels to allow the units to be rack mounted as a touring version (all inputs and outputs to front for ease of connectivity), or as an installed version (all inputs and outputs to rear to give an uncluttered front).

The DataSplitters may also be truss mounted using the M10 nutserts fitted to the base.